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- Nigeria striker Peter formally signed an agreement
- do more aerobic exercise neimaer has also been suggested
- As a European soccer player has never been landed
- Effectiveness of Bayern Munich 4 seasons
- Bayern channel interview

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 Nigeria striker Peter formally signed an agreement Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Dalian aerbin-UTA card players, Nigeria striker Peter formally signed an agreement with Beijing Guoan finished, climax Guoan new balance 574 sale  General Manager disclosed, signed an agreement with UTA card for 2.5 years, which end of the 2015 season. UTA card will put Guoan number 15th. UTA card is NSA Super world turned part of the introduction of the second player, after Guoan have signed defender Alan Lee in Hong Kong. As to why the two departed from Dalian aerbin transfers and switched to Beijing Guoan, UTA card said: "national security after the Club extended an invitation to me, I think this is a very ambitious Club, also participated in the AFC Champions this year while Stano is also very familiar to me, he would know me very well, this is the reason I chose the national security.

Manchester United, the benefit of such transactions is that they don't have to buy Diego pay higher taxes and fees, on the other hand, Manchester United can new balance 576 sale be free from pressure from Wayne Rooney as much as 250,000 pounds a week. Red Devils without spending a dime by Diego and Barcelona's potential stars and some cash. In other words, this is going to sound crazy scheme, the actual operation with Barcelona, Manchester United has had a lot of good for two clubs.

Soares in the hope of staying at Liverpool this summer are smaller, today's issue of the Sun newspaper disclosed yesterday, Suarez's agent Mel Perret-Guardiola to Liverpool wood training center and tell the head coach and General Manager Ian Rogers-El Suarez wants to leave Liverpool because the reds can't play Champions League! After the end of last season, Soares stance on various occasions many times want to leave Liverpool, but his reason was bad was his football in England was treated, accusing United Kingdom media and United Kingdom fans are too hard on yourself, severely affecting his personal life.

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 do more aerobic exercise neimaer has also been suggested Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Second, do more aerobic exercise neimaer has also been suggested, such as hiking, tennis, golf, swimming. On vacation new balance 996 women  last week, team doctor also recommended that neimaerduo to go to the gym, strengthening muscles, especially the chest and arms. At the same time, he needs to increase her weight. Neimaer current 64.5 kilograms in weight, in accordance with the Barcelona team doctor estimated that neimaer must be gaining weight 3-5 kg with resistance to physical confrontation. Neimaer Finally, there diet of homework. He needs a range of nutritious food to maintain the best shape, different from the daily need to stay in shape, neimaer need to eat carbohydrates good weight gain.

But Vidic is not the only defense of AC Milan and Italy candidates, Bergara joined the team after AC Milan still continue to look for other goals, which included 27 new balance 595 womens Parma Defender Gabriel paletta, the slow motion if AC Milan could not be obtained from Cagliari Italy international defender Danilo astori, Gabriel paletta is the team ready to substitute candidates.

Announced that it bought in January this year Milan Italy half ownership of the blue player Saponara, but did not officially join until now Saponara and appearance. Saponara says, "I want to thank Gagliani breaker, he compared me to Chuck, but I still have a lot to learn. Select card cards through the 22nd? I haven't made a decision. I was able to play midfielder, but can also be qualified for other positions, versatile features can help me get more in the team's game space. Tian Guiyou? I watched his games on TV, I thought he was a great player. As for the World Cup next summer, I do not rule out anything that might, if I could acquire space in Milan, then we have a chance to be coach prandelli's attention.

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 As a European soccer player has never been landed Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

As a European soccer player has never been landed, neimaer even if the talent is so great, many unaccustomed noises new balance 1300 sale  but thought he still had. Spent 57 million heavily Barcelona won't effect that, Medina neimaer Club doctor has developed a "peak" which Brazil people in a club training camp will begin on June 29 has a good status. First of all, just finished playing Fed Cup and tonsillectomy surgery done in neimaer must be sufficient to ensure the body is in a comfortable State of rest.

Meanwhile, again once is mentioned of also has Manchester United captain Vidic, due to Argentina Zhongwei Garai may joined Manchester United, and v Manchester United team in the also has Evans, and Smolin, and Philippine,-Joan Republika, players, therefore the 31 age of meritorious Zhongwei I'm afraid difficult to guarantee themselves of main location, Portugal records reported under on said if Vidic cannot are new handsome David Moyes of main location commitment if, will will consider left, and slow lens under is said AC Milan is Vidic of Chase who.

Polly is pleased about this says, "I am very pleased to be able to come here. Put on a shirt of Milan has always been my dream, I was raised is the Milan fans, and now that dream has finally come true. I'm not going to think about those who don't trust me, the past is now behind us, I think only think about Milan. I can't wait to get to new teammates and start training. Selected Italy national team is a great satisfaction for me, I must acknowledge with Sampdoria, who are helping me now. Milan is a great club, I think here could help me in the national team.

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 Effectiveness of Bayern Munich 4 seasons Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Effectiveness of Bayern Munich 4 seasons, Gomez's race 174 113 goals, high efficiency, his serie a performances to look new balance 1500 sale  forward to. Hoffenheim's official website announced that team worth 3 million euros from Bordeaux to purchase 25 year old striker Anthony Modeste. Modest effects on loan to Bastia last season, in his 36 games into 15 balls. Neimaer performances at the Confederations Cup was questioned by many vanished, but the Barca Club can't effect that still is on vacation in the neimaer layout of "homework" to allow him to better adapt to Europe.

Polly during the 2007-08 season was 23 years old represented Sampdoria serie appearance is seen as Italy leader in the young midfielder. Polly 2011-12 season new balance 1400 sale on loan at inter, but due to injuries he played few opportunities, inter eventually did not buy him. But after returning to Sampdoria last season, Paulie back, Serie 31 appearances 3 goals, joined Milan won again at Grand chance to prove themselves.

Tian Guiyou is also very similar, his contract will expire in December this year, with the player of AC Milan hope to have reached an agreement in January next year, when free access to the 27-year old Japan International has, even Gagliani himself declared, "I hope he will in January next year to join the team. "According to Italy the media message, Hong Tian Guiyou signed a 4-year contract with AC Milan, earning roughly 2.4 million euros.

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 Bayern channel interview Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Bayern channel interview, Gomez said, out of time is the key to his team. "From Bayern Munich to join Fiorentina, which is a key  new balance factory store  step in my career. Now, I feel mixed feelings. Leaving Bayern Munich, leaving so many friends, I regret. Here, I pick up a lot of honors, including many players can't imagine the Champions League champions. Contacts for a while in Florence and me, they are full of ambitious plans soon touched me. I had hoped to go to Spain or Italy to play. Among them, Florence left a deep impression on me, and they played fantastic attacking football, I can't wait.

Currently with AC Milan very near of is Florence of Serbia Dinamo Ljajic and Central army of Japan Dinamo Honda Guido Woo, 21 age of Ljajic on AC Milan young for target of built team thought for very suitable, and on Red Black regiment new balance minimus sale enabling of is, players I has on joined team reached has agreement, now just is needs are Florence put people of license, due to Ljajic of contract will Yu next year due, and has determines different team renewal, AC Milan can choose cheap buy or wait until next year for free to sign this summer.

Serie a club AC Milan announced on the official website, the new aid contract to join Polly. Subsequently Milan Club for this summer's debut press conference join Polly and Saponara, Gagliani, Vice-President and head coach of Milan Porto Alegre, who was also present. Once in the inter midfield stars Polly calls himself was brought up on the effectiveness of Milan's fans, while in winter signed Saponara, officially unveiled in Milan, he thanked the aggregate value.

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